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Collaborative analytics for people who fuel data-driven decisions.

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Mode is an analytics platform

Built for analysts

Tightly integrated SQL, Python, and reporting tools give you the power and flexibility to answer any question and deliver meaningful recommendations.

Collaborative & Accessible

As the source of truth for your company's analytical work, Mode helps analysts and business partners move in lock-step toward impactful decisions.

Painless Deploy & Maintenance

Just connect your database and start exploring. Mode makes sharing easy, empowers others, and frees analysts from meticulous data model maintenance.

Analysts and Data Scientists at 500+ companies trust Mode

SQL, Python, and interactive dashboards all in one place

Powerful Analytics

Collaborative tools built for analysts, let you answer high-impact questions that drive business action.

Insightful Dashboards

Turn SQL queries into interactive dashboards that give every team instant access to fresh, accurate data.

Instant Sharing

As the central hub for analysis, Mode lets analysts collaborate quickly and share answers with everyone.

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